About William

I'm William Scott. I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Roanoke College and completed a Masters in Computer Science at Wake Forest University, with heavy focus on Bioinformatics. I'm currently a senior Java engineer hacking education at Wireless Generation.

In my free time, I run marathons and enjoy wine. I have a goldendoodle, Kelsi, who is pretty awesome. I enjoy playing board games and mountain biking. I spend a lot of time dabbling with iOS and Scala, and I'm fairly proficient with Android and Ruby.


Email (wds@williamscott.me) is the easiest way to get in touch with me. You can follow me around the web on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn. I actively participate on StackOverflow, store my code on GitHub, and log my running miles on Dailymile. You can also ask me anything, publicly, by opening a new issue.

About williamscott.me

williamscott.me is a static site hosted by GitHub. It is built with Jekyll and uses Markdown extensively to format content and Disqus to provide comments. Feel free to browse the code at github.com/scottwd9/scottwd9.github.com.